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As you have landed on this page, I am guessing this is a good place to tell you a little about myself and what has led to both giving my TEDx Talk and setting up this on-line platform for “Not Just Deaf” which is inspired by my TEDx Talk – because I and perhaps you, if you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, are so much more. If you click here, you will learn so much more about my life so far from my TEDx talk. “Not Just Deaf” is a work in progress….



Well I am now a Community Integration Coordinator of St. Joseph’s House for Adult Deaf and Deaf blind, Irish Sign Language TV presenter through RTÉ and outside of that, I am an active advocate for Deaf rights here in Ireland with Deaf Community.




Inclusion is Everyone’s Responsbility.




You can keep in touch with me on the social media (see icons on the top right of the website page) or email me by– If you like to receive my ISL Vlog/Blog, then you can sign up for email updates through email subscriptions.


Together we can make this world a better one, for us all.


P.S. I am available for speaking engagements so feel free to get in touch with me for arrangements!